Learning The Hard Way…or Maybe Not.

Each day is a learning experience. Hopefully I have the capacity to put my new found knowledge to good use. Or at the very least, it should prevent me from making the same mistake twice.

On my way to the grocery store to pick up some cold medicine for my wife, I ran across some interesting scrap aluminum glistening in the morning sunlight. Lucky for me, I grabbed my trusty Lumix DMC FZ5 (with it’s crazy sharp Leica lens) and stuck it in my coat pocket before leaving the house. After gaining permission to access the storage area of the electric company where my subject was waiting, I exposed about 10 shots before once again mounting my bike and resuming the task at hand.

On my way home I discovered a few more interesting hidden treasures, and recorded them too with my “stealth” camera. Small enough to fit in a jeans jacket inside pocket without even noticing it’s there, this camera does it all! It has but one short fall, and that is the sensor size. Producing barely 5MP this file size has it’s limitations.

Now to the point of this post. Over the past several days, I have come very close to making a purchase of a new mirror-less camera system. Researching every aspect, including it’s compatibility with my current imaging software I almost neglected to take into account the physical size of the camera with lens affixed. The whole time I knew that no matter which system I chose, it would be significantly smaller than my current Nikon DSLR, and that was good enough. Or so I thought. That casual act of grabbing the camera as I was heading out the door, and the resulting images made me realize, this new tool needed to have the right SIZE, in addition to the other more obvious qualification.

Enter the website http://camerasize.com/. Just as the URL suggests, you can enter 3 cameras, and even select the lens and it will give you a visual comparison, side by side, to scale. Additional information such as dimensions and weight is also provided along with the ability to view the cameras from various angles. With tape measure in hand, and my current compact camera in front of me, I quickly learned that the mirror-less cameras I have been courting for the past few weeks, are indeed smaller than the oh so detailed close up images I have been studying. That’s a GOOD THING! All of the candidates are “pocket sized” as long as the chosen lens is not too much of the telephoto variety.

Now is the time. Make a decision already. Analysis paralysis I fear. But that too shall pass.

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