New Camera, New Things to Learn.


The combination of old school handling, a great sensor, and a line up of incredible lenses made my decision easy. Well, not exactly easy, but “easier”.

Being an analogue photographer at heart, the Fuji X-E2 appealed to me immediately. The ability to make decisions and changes via dials and buttons, rather than delving into a maze of menus, (such as the Sony A600P11406380, which I decided not to keep) spoke to me right away.
Having used Fuji lenses on my large format cameras, I was well aware of the quality of the glass they produce, being known for their edge to edge sharpness and resolution.
And, although I was not a devout follower of Fuji film, I respect their expertise, and it stands to reason they can apply that knowledge and technology to their sensors and image handling properties build into their cameras.

So, the un-boxing has taken place, without producing a video for YouTube. Batteries are charged and preliminary set up preferences have been completed. The sky is blue and the sun is shinning, it’s time to run some tests.

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