One Foggy Night in Savannah

After thoroughly enjoying the Ohio State University victory in the College Football National Championship game, I looked out the window to see that the City of Savannah, GA was fogged in. Thick as pea soup it lay like a blanket over the city. I just knew that this was an excellent opportunity to test out my new Fujifilm X-E2 mirror-less camera. Sure it was 12:45 am, but at least I would have the streets to myself.spooky tree

I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed off to Daffin Park. Filled with Live Oak trees, I knew this would be a great place to begin this Spooky Tour of Savannah. The streetlights filtered through the fog, and then through the Spanish moss to create a mysterious and somewhat unsettling atmosphere. Setting up for the first shot, I decided to use a higher ISO, not only for a more reasonable shutter speed at f11, but for a grainier look, which should suit the already “spooky” feeling.

After exposing a dozen or so images, I headed off to Atlantic Ave. This is the “wealthier” part of town. At 1am in dense fog, no neighborhood is immune from the unsettling atmosphere that this fog was creating. Me? I was LOVING IT!
The quality of the light was amazing, and the by daylight “harmless” scenes were taking on a whole new life ala Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
As I set updual benches, the fog was getting even thicker, giving my images a “painterly” quality. Sharp details could be seen only in the very foreground of the images, as the light washed down on the trees blurring their edges and shapes.
Before driving was to become impossible, I decided to head downtown to River St. This is where the 400 year old cobble stone streets and fortress type walls should provide ample opportunities for images.

I was alone on the streets, very much like an episode of Twilight Zone. The cobble stones were slick with moisture from the cloud in which I was standing, but the shear beauty of what was happening was calling me to “press on”.

foot bridgeIn this part of the “old town” the combination of stone and ironwork reveal a time long ago when raw materials were forge and manipulated by the hands of craftsmen. This combination of rustic materials and textures was the perfect counterpoint to the ever thickening blanket of soft white fog.

Here is a link to my Flickr Album containing some of the images I made on this night.

At 4:15am I returned home with a feeling of accomplishment. As I imported the images into Lightroom, I knew that by following my instinct, this evening solidified my decision to return to the field of photography. If you have a passion for something, then by all means follow it!

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3 Responses to One Foggy Night in Savannah

  1. Really breathtaking pictures! Hate that the Nats are planning to move from Daffin Park. Cheers


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