I am a Digital Photographer….There, I said it!

It’s been about a month, maybe a bit more since I made the switch from DSLR to Mirror-Less, and I haven’t looked back. Sure, every once in awhile I pick up my Nikon D200 and, with a melancholy feeling wonder if I’ll ever use it again. It served me well for many years. To make myself feel better about the situation, I recall what I read a couple of weeks ago. It was an article about the constant evolution of digital camera equipment. It said the cameras we buy today have a limited lifespan. Not a built in obsolescence, which would imply a devious motive on the part of the camera manufacturers, but due the the never ending development of the technology, we should not get too attached to our cameras.

This is NOT the analog film age anymore. F2photomicBig
Then you could buy a Nikon and shoot it forever. The films would change, with better, faster and smoother grain structures (remember when T-Max hit the market about 1979?) but the devices exposing the film remained, for the large part the same.

In today’s market, we are seeing better, more efficient sensors being developed by several different companies and brought to market on a semi annual basis. Each new comer promising better resolution, higher pixel count, better low light capabilities and, what’s hot now, 4k video. Yes, the mirror-less camera is being dubbed a “hybrid” device. And we are being told that to remain competitive in this ever changing market, we as commercial photographers need to become “Hybrid” as well. Offering video in addition to our still images. Oh man, I’ve never been much of a video guy….but….then again….I use to be a guy who said he would never work on a computer. And then I said I would never shoot digital….and now, I’ve got several of my analog devices running on Ebay because after sitting in the closet for a decade, I have come to the realization that I’ll probably never shoot film again. Hmm. It hurt to even type such sacrilege, true as it may be.
Wista 8X10I was “playing” with my Wista 8X10 inch camera the other day. Wondering what it might bring on Ebay. As I opened it up the brass hardware still worked smooth as butter and the cherry wood had a wonderful patina defying it’s age. The bellows creaked and popped as they expanded after a long hibernation. Could I really sell this piece of “Art” that I had used to expose well over 1000 images?
I have come to the conclusion that the answer is yes. I hope it will find its way to a good home where it will be once again used and cherished, for I have “moved on“.

I am a photographer offering digital services.

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