A Reminder from Kodak

While doing my daily check ins at various internet site, gmail, google+, Craigslist and Amazon, I ran across a link to a 6 minute video, produced by Kodak back in 2005. My first thought was, “is Kodak still in business?” So I Googled it. Yes, they still exist, but in a far different capacity that “back in the day”. That’s a subject for a future blog post.
Right now, it’s about photography. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer, an advanced enthusiast or just an occasional cell phone shooter, we can all use a gentle reminder of what it means to capture a moment in time. It’s not about the pixel count, the beautiful bokeh or the “edge to edge sharpness”. It’s about emotions, feelings.
Watch the video. It shows as being an 8 minute video, but it’s actually over at about 6.30 sec.

I know that’s a lot of time to sit still these days, but I hope you find it as valuable as did I.

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