It’s All About the Print

Digital photography has created a generation photographers who’s final product, for the most part, is viewed on an illuminated screen. This might be a monitor, either computer or TV, a tablet or even a phone. Soon it’ll be a watch on somebodies wrist as they look and “like” pictures while shopping at the Piggley Wiggley. Yep, that’s how I want to have MY images viewed. The size of a postage stamp on a device who’s screen is smeared because of over zealous creaming of the hands, or scratched because of being worn while fixing the car (or any other means of physical labor where the fine crystal of a watch has no business being). No I still prefer the print.

Yes, there was a time when the analog print, in my mind could never be replaced. More recently though, I have discovered and re-discovered the thrill and beauty of having complete control over the final image.
No more wondering about the calibration and brightness of the viewers device. If they see my photograph, it will be on my terms, as I imaged the shot to be from the moment I tripped the shutter. I control the brightness, the contrast, the color balance, and the size, yes the size, because size does matter. Face it, some shots look great the size of a postcard, whereas other images need to be 16X20 or larger to release its full impact. As an artist, these are parameters that should not be determined by the viewers device, for these decisions are critical to the final outcome of your creative process.

I have begun printing shots for an upcoming show. Experimenting with a variety of papers and formats, trying to determine the best solution for each image as well as the general feeling of the show. It’s slow going, but at the same time, very satisfying. Having your creative thoughts brought to life in the tangible form of a print, with dimension, size, weight and texture instead of just glowing pixels on a screen.

It just feels like Art.

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