Framing Your Photographs

In preparation for an upcoming exhibition, I have been busy printing the images to be displayed. But in order to be properly presented, they must first be mounted, matted and framed. Now I don’t have an occasion all too often to follow the pricing of frame and all that goes along with it, but I was surprised to see just how expensive it has become to have the work done by a framing studio, especially if items are to be archival/acid free and include an upgraded glass option such as Tru Vue Museum or Conservation glass. After recovering from the initial sticker shock, I decided to find sources for the materials and then do the work myself, after all, I am in need of 12 – 18″ X 24″ inch frames, matts, mounting boards and glass. This stuff adds up quickly.

After looking at the typical online sources such as Amazon and Ebay, I was fortunate to run across an Ebay Seller advertising Tru Vue Conservation glass. Conservation glass is a glass product with a film bonded to one side. It provides excellent UV protection and reduces glare from ambient light sources (not as well as the Top Tier Museum glass, but it is half the price). After residing to the fact that in order to present my work in the best light, I’m going to need to spend some money. And it’ll be worth it. The images are worth it.

I placed my order with a company out of Gilbertsville, Pa. called Gary Rotenburger was my contact. I ordered 12 sheets of 18X24 Conservation Glass, and crossed my fingers that it would arrive to my location in Savannah, GA. in one piece, after all, it was being sent with the USPS. Just a few short days later, the glass arrived. From my first look at the package, I just knew I was dealing with a company that lived up to the saying of “Doing Things Right”. In fact, I was so impressed, I decided to document the opening of the package. Here are the shots I took as I opened up the delivery.

P1140719 P1140720 P1140721 P1140722 P1140723 P1140724 P1140725 P1140726 P1140727

Each piece of glass was individually wrapped in craft paper, and a piece of cardboard inserted between the sheets of glass as they were carefully nestled into the protective wooden frame which created the box. It is not often I think to myself, “this is actually BETTER” than I would have done myself”, but this was certainly just such a case.

If anyone is in need of glass, or other framing supplies, I can without reservation give Gary and Garshell Art and Frame my highest recommendation. A company providing a quality product at a fair price with the highest attention to detail.

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