Square Space for your Online Portfolio

After a solid 10 years with Go Daddy, using a website I built and maintained using DreamWeaver, I recently made the move to SquareSpace.com for my online portfolio.

The reasons were simple. The UI is clear and simple. They provide many customizable templates, geared towards the online presentation of images and artwork for the professional and enthusiast photographer, graphic designer and fine art client. But more importantly, the ease with which the pages can be updated is unbeatable! In the past I would have to re-work the specific pages and their associated links in DreamWeaver and then, using an ftp client, upload it to my domain. With Square Space, I go online, drag and drop the new images I want to upload, and click and delete the images they will replace. Done. It allows me to keep my portfolio current with a minimal amount of effort.

So am I DONE with Go Daddy? Not really. I still have a couple of years left on my domain name hosting. But again, Square Space makes the transition easy. I mere set up mu Go Daddy account to “point” to my new Square Space website, using my URL that I have had for many years. Click on www.light-zone.net and you land at Square Space without ever knowing you’ve traveled through Go Daddy to get there.

Check out Jeff Bridges on Square Space….pretty cool video.

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