Thank You to Jon Cone and Inkjet Mall

I know I have written several times about my conversion from Epson OEM inks to “Third Party” cartridges and inks before, but I think it is important to keep this information current for those of you seeking guidance before taking the plunge.

About 2 weeks ago, I installed my final “after market cartridge” in my Epson R2400 printer. It was the color magenta. Up until this point, the process had gone smoothly, without any major problems. Unfortunately that was all coming to an end with this final cart. After filling and installing, I proceeded with a nozzle check to make sure all colors were flowing and that the heads were clear of obstructions. To my surprise, the newly installed magenta was “bleeding” into the neighboring color fields. I performed a head cleaning routine and tried again. Same result. Why now! I have only a few weeks before my show, and I need to get some serious printing done. Looking for an answer, I turned to the Inkjet Mall Forum. This forum is not only populated by users of these inks and cartridges, but there seems to be a person from the technical support department always available to lend a helping hand.

So, after describing my problem as clearly as possible, I was almost immediately answered by both a member of the forum AND a moderator, who, as I just mentioned, is also a member of the tech support staff at Inkjet Mall and Vermont Inks. It was only a matter of a few hours (which I considered to be lighting fast) before I was on my way to a solution. Here is what was necessary in order to get my printer back on track.

1. I needed to buy an Epson OEM Magenta Cartridge in order to verify if the problem was the aftermarket cart, or perhaps the magenta head of my printer.

2. Contact the Technical Support Staff at Inkjet Mall (I spoke with a great CS Rep named Wells) who immediately sent out via Priority Mail, not only a replacement magenta cartridge, but a FULL SET of carts, in case any other colors started “acting up”.

3. Perform a complete cleaning of the printer head and capping station.

After receiving the shipments, I first tested the original Epson cartridge. It performed flawlessly, which seemed to confirm my suspicion that the problem was indeed the “after market” magenta cart. I then filled and installed the newly received Inkjet Mall magenta cart and voila! A perfect nozzle check. I was back in business.

I must admit, when the problem first surfaced, I was disappointed with Inkjet Mall carts. The thought that one of them might actually be defective never crossed my mind, so when that was indeed the case, I of course started to look at their competition for a “better product”. What I quickly learned however was this; the carts from the top providers are all just about equal. What it really comes down to is the quality of the ink, and just as important, the after sale customer service!

Inkjet Mall has secured me as not only a customer, but an advocate for their products and their company.

Service really does matter!

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