My Epson R2400 Printer is a CHAMP!

Want your printer to work at peak performance? Want a printer that spits out print after print without clogging, needing to re-align the printer head and wondering why is my print…(fill in the blank, too dark too light too magenta, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda). There IS a simple formula for achieving such nirvana. USE IT! A LOT!

After tweaking the printer head through aligning, cleaning and other such annoying diagnostics, I started to print. Non stop. 13X19″ prints, black and white and color. one after another. 8, 10, 12 prints a day. And what I discovered was, my printer got better and more reliable every day. I would refill my after market carts with Inkjet Mall Cone Color inks when necessary, run a quick nozzle check ( which 99% of the time came back perfect the very first time) and back to the races I’d go.


I came to realize that my Epson R2400 printer is a bit like a sled dog. Bred to run. And the more they run, the happier they are, and the faster they become. While my printer did not actually become faster, the quality of the output, and reliability of the machine was never better. Thoughts of replacing this “thoroughbred” with a newer, “younger” model have been put on the back burner for now. In fact, I think replacement is out of the question.

Making room for a 17″ wide printer will surely come to pass, but my R2400 will find a place in my studio nonetheless. There is always a conversion to piezography. Time (and money) will tell.

Now get out there and PRINT! If you think your image looks good on a screen, wait until you see it, and feel it! By printing your image you are saying, “it’s done”. This is what I want to share. It will awaken more than just your sense of sight. It is the final step in creating an image. It is a commitment.

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