Cable Management can be Addictive

With the purchase of my new iMac, along with a new printer, a quasi-new scanner among other miscellaneous peripherals, the cable spaghetti that was growing under my desk was getting way too out of control. Getting inspiration from several YouTube videos, in particular one from a contributor called the “iBook Guy”, I decided to take on the task of getting my cables straight.

I decided to tackle the living room first, to gain practical experience before taking on the critical task of my office desk. After unplugging all of the equipment and pulling everything away from the wall, my first task was to clean the dust bunnies from the cables, the equipment and the floor. That alone gave me a real sense of accomplishment! But little did I know how much pleasure one could derive from carefully coiling wires, securing cables along a clear and logical path, securing them with cable ties, both traditional and ones made from Velcro.

Other not necessary, but useful items include a hot glue gun and museum wax, which is a putty used for securing the corners of picture frames, preventing them from becoming crooked as well as securing small items such as those made from glass and pottery to their shelves in the hopes of preventing a costly fall. This putty is strong enough to secure small items like USB hubs to the underside of a desk without the need for screws or brackets. Now it’s not going to secure a 2lb external hard drive, but small stuff, including cables, it’s just about perfect. Easy to install and easy to clean up.

After finishing up the living room, it was time to attack my desk. Same procedure as before, but this time, I had a bit of experience. This made me or conscience of how the cables were routed, coiled and secured. In the middle of the project, my wife came in and asked how it was going. I couldn’t lie, I told her I was both comfortable working under my desk, and having fun doing too! So about an hour after starting, I was turning everything on and making sure the connecting were both correct and secure. And in the back of my mind, looking for my next project. Cable management was both satisfying and addictive. With just a few inexpensive items and some time, anyone can turn that Chaos under the desk (or behind the credenza) into a orderly (albeit complex) mixed media design of cables, wires, power-blocks and power strips.

Would I suggest everyone take on this project? Maybe not, but as a little extra incentive, I will tell you this. Ever since getting my cables organized, I could swear my computer is running just a little bit faster.

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