The Speed of SSD’s is Addictve!

Shooting digital images in RAW file format, then processing them in a variety of programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Aurora HDR can provide amazing results. But those results come at a price. File size. How quickly a hard disk can become packed with images, causing a bottle neck in speed, especially if that dish drive happens to be one of the spindle variety.

Let’s face it, no matter how fast a traditional HDD proclaims to be, it’s just not fast enough to handle the transfer of large file sizes. I can’t even imagine how frustrating this must be for those who shoot 4k video! The problem becomes really apparent when you have an internal SSD on which your applications are stored and images you are working on, stored an external HDD drive. The delays are excruciatingly slow. They remind me of the days when I was working on my Apple Quadra 650, processing images in Photoshop 2.5, and wasting what seemed like hours of my day watching the progress bar inch it’s way from left to right across my 20″ CRT screen.

Today I received a portable SSD from SanDisk in the mail. 240GB for about $100 including shipping from Amazon. The plan is to leave my current projects on my internal 256GB SSD (which when bench marked using BlackMagic software shows blazing fast speeds) and to store the remainder of my images on the new SanDisk Extreme 500 ssd. But first I needed to bench mark this drive to see if it will bring the speeds it claims to have. Again using BlackMagic software, I performed a 3GB stress test.

Although not as fast as my internal SSD, the results were very satisfying. To put this into perspective, another one of my external HHD’s, with a speed of 7200rpm, and a USB 3.0 connection can’t crack 100 MB/s on Write of Read. So this will be a real boost in my production speed.


So now the only question remains, what to do with my now antiquated hard drives. They are surely destined to be relegated for long term back up use, tucked away somewhere in the back corner of my safe. Now that I’ve tasted the sweetness of an external SSD, combined with the data capacity of USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt pipeline, (still waiting on a USB 3.1) I’m spoiled.

I’ve discovered my new “drug of choice” and it’s name is DataSpeed, or “SSD” for short.

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