Yongnuo YN-560TX and YN-560IV Earning Their Keep in the Studio

With the help of a couple of Super Clamps, my new Yongnuo YN-560 IV’s have found their new home rigged to my background rack. They are especially helpful in providing a bit of back lighting or hair lighting when shooting portraits, or, with a snoot, they provide just the right amount of power to add some visual interest to a background. Note the nice hair-light on the model pictured here. (The key light provided by an Elinchrom Beauty Dish with a gold deflector.)



Discreetly lurking from the rafters 🙂


Fully controllable through the YN-560TX sender sitting atop of my Fujifilm XE-2, these little powerhouse speed-lights are discreet, powerful, and take up no floor space normally occupied by a light stand.


Since my last Blog post, I purchased 2-Yongnuo RF603C II transceivers. They ran about $30 for the pair. I’m just amazed by the quality you get for relatively little cash.IMG_20160313_140525082
These are designed to work with either Canon or Nikon cameras, but do just as well with Fuji. I chose the “Canon” option due to the many recommendations to do so by bloggers and YouTubers out there.

In addition to their function of controlling studio strobes, (not with as many functionalities as the somewhat more expensive YN-TX560 and they work GREAT with my Elinchrom mono-lights), they come with a connector cable with 2- 2.5mm mini-plugs, one of which can plug into the unit, while the other can plug into the XE-2’s port found just above the HDMI port. This then functions as a wireless cable release.

Just another little perk associated with the Yongnuo speed-lights.  Inexpensive, Feature Rich and frankly, FUN TO USE!



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